Hey Sis, I'm Tiffiney

I'm glad you stopped by! If it's a health goal you're trying to achieve then I'm your girl. Let’s get the formalities out of the way first, then keep reading to REALLY get to know me. I am a Certified Health Coach and Occupational Therapist. My 15+ years of experience in health care pretty much makes me an expert at helping people create and crush health goals! 

I grew up in a family where being overweight was the norm. I made a commitment to myself early on that I would change my family’s health legacy.

However, in stepped life (a baby, career, marriage, divorce, etc.) and I found myself struggling. I was doing all. the. things. and felt like crap. I got to the point that I was tired of dieting and jumping on every new health trend (can you relate?). I knew it had to be an easier, simpler way to maintain the good health I desired.

I created healthy habits using routines centered around faith, food, and fitness. These habits have allowed me to feel more confident at almost 40 than I did in my 20s.

My goal is to partner with women to create healthy lifestyle habits that so they can change the health legacy of their families too.

But enough about me, I’d love to hear a little about you! Where are you from? Your health and wellness successes? Areas you want to explore more in regards to your health? Scroll down and connect with me using the contact form and connect with me IG @healthcoachtiffiney!

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