My Philosophy

Food is used to fuel our bodies for physical function and it brings us together during times of celebration and mourning… food is not bad, but sometimes our thoughts surrounding it are. Fitness/exercise should never be a punishment for what you ate, not being able to fit into your favorite jeans, or because the number on the scale went up… it should be a celebration of what your body can do, this will give you true motivation. Faith/self-care is what centers us… God has given us every instruction we need, spending time with him and taking care of ourselves allows us to pour from an overflowing cup  ♥

How We Get It Done

As your health coach, I help you cut through the confusion and create a personalized health routine that takes your nutritional, physical, and spiritual/emotional well being into consideration. No more comparison to what you see on social media, unrealistic fad diets that promise you will lose 10 pounds in 2 days, punishment for eating 'regular' food, or feelings of defeat when you don't stick to the plan... again. During our time together you will learn all the foundational principles you need to know (yes, we're getting back to basics) and how to apply them to your particular goals. This, my friend, is how you create the healthy lifestyle you desire and show up the way you've ALWAYS seen yourself! Working with me can be done through virtual coaching or local workshops. Let's discuss how I can best help you meet your goals, click the button below to schedule a brief call!

My Gift To You

I'm not one to sit around and wait once I decide to what it is I want. Sis, I know you're an action taker too, so I create go-getter girl's guides with simple, actionable steps you can start taking TODAY!  Just click the button and fill out the simple form to get your guide straight to your inbox.

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